Corporate Social Responsibility

At BERAR Finance, we strongly believe in engaging with different communities and giving back to society at large. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are mainly focused on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities and to the betterment of the environment. Our interventions focus on regular investing in programs of health, education, employability, and the environment.


It is one of our flagship projects for women suffering with cancer and heart diseases. Our targeted initiatives under this project are around the women who are suffering with acute diseases. The focus is clearly on the spectrum – to serve women mentally and physically to fight such acute diseases. In this program we have enrolled many women at various locations. Serving women to overcome such critical situations and be optimistic to live life happily at all conditions is an integral part of the overall framework of the project.

Mahila Sashaktikaran

Women are said to be the backbone of each family, society, and entire nation. But today after such economic progress of our nation, still there exits many rural areas where women and its requirements remain invisible or not focused much. Poor education, limited opportunities for skills training, restrictive social norms – mean low-paying labor work are often their options for living daily life.

BERAR’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Programme aims to provide women and girls with opportunities to strengthen their position in the community through various trainings and financial support.

It has been marked that in a last few decades, females from rural areas are upcoming in sports field and marking their name in the same. Additionally, they are earning value and respect for our Nation.

BERAR has taken initiatives, especially for teenage girls by distributing sports kits to rural girls who actively takes part in sports, thus adding them with moral support and strengthening their will power and confidence to achieve the best.

The confidence the women and girls gain along the way is helping to break gender inequalities and build a more equal society.